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Unless specified, the information conveyed in the HD data type must be in the Universal ID field. The Namespace ID is usually ignored.



——>  Sending Facility = PAS


PID|1||94569-4565^^^&SYS_A^MR||Cardinal^Jono||19491112023046|M|||27 Shirley Rd^Windsor^^^10640-1234^NZL||+64(9)2372624

——>  Patient Identifier List Assigning Authority = SYS_A

Universal ID

Orion Health solutions use a combination of the ID Number and Assigning Authority Universal ID to resolve the following:

  • Visit Number and Account Identifiers (CX data type)
  • Provider/Clinician Identifiers (XCN data type)

For CX and XCN fields, the Assigning Authority Universal ID must uniquely distinguish the patient or provider within the context of the distinguishing namespace defined by the participant.

In Orion Health solutions, a facility or participant typically uses one Universal ID to uniquely distinguish patient IDs (MRN) and other CX fields and use another Universal ID to distinguish facilities or clinicians in XCN fields.

For example, ABCD Hospital may use ABCD as the Universal ID to differentiate patients belonging to their hospital. This value is typically entered in the following fields:

  • MSH.4.2 Sending Facility Universal ID
  • PID.3.4.2 Patient Identifier List Assigning Authority Universal ID
  • PV1.19.4.2 Visit Number Assigning Authority Universal ID
  • OBR.2.3 Placer Order Number Universal ID

The same hospital may also use ABCD-PV to differentiate clinician providers belonging to their hospital. This value is typically entered  in the following fields:

  • PV1.7.9.2 Attending Doctor Assigning Authority Universal ID
  • PV1.8.9.2 Referring Doctor Assigning Authority Universal ID
  • PV1.9.9.2 Consulting Doctor Assigning Authority Universal ID
  • OBR.16.9.2 Ordering Provider Assigning Authority Universal ID

The Universal ID is critical in distinguishing patients and clinical information from one facility to another. The use of specific values for a participant or facility must be arranged with the Orion Health project team to ensure that these values do not conflict with those already used by other facilities.

The vendor and/or participant is responsible for ensuring that identifiers in the same Universal ID space uniquely refer to a single entity.

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