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A segment is a group of fields that contain data. Each segment exists independently and can be used in multiple messages in varying sequences. Segments may be required or optional for a particular message. A unique three-character code called the Segment ID identifies each segment. Segment ID codes beginning with the letter Z are reserved for locally-defined segments that are not part of the HL7 standard.

Inbound Segments

Listed below are the segments that Orion Health solutions support in an inbound HL7 message.

Segments in gray are ignored by downstream systems

Segment IDName
AL1Patient Allergy Information
EVNEvent Type
GOLGoal Detail
IAMPatient Adverse Reaction Information
IN2Insurance Additional Information
MRGMerge Patient Information
MSHMessage Header
NK1Next of Kin or Associated Parties
OBRObservation Request
OBXObservation Result
ORCOrder Control
PD1Patient Additional Demographic
PDA  Patient Death and Autopsy
PIDPatient Identification
PRBProblem Details
PTHPathway Detail
PV1Patient Visit
PV2Patient Visit Additional Information
RXAPharmacy/Treatment Administration
RXDPharmacy/Treatment Dispense
RXEPharmacy/Treatment Encoded Order
RXOPharmacy/Treatment Order
RXRPharmacy/Treatment Route
SFT  Software


Problem Variance
Role Variance
Pathway Variance
Goal Variance
Order Variance
Observation/result Variance

ZDG1Diagnosis – Custom
ZMSHMessage Header – Custom
ZOBRObservation Request – Custom
ZOBXObservation Result – Custom
ZPD1Patient Additional Demographic – Custom
ZPRProblem Detail – Custom
ZPR1Procedures – Custom
ZPV1Patient Visit – Custom

Response Segments

Listed below are the segments in an acknowledgment (ACK) and negative acknowledgment (NACK) message.

Segment IDName
MSAMessage Acknowledgment
MSHMessage Header


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