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Medication and Immunization messages are primarily processed by the Clinical Data Repository (CDR). Listed below are the message types that Orion Health solutions process:

Message TypeNameDescription

Pharmacy/treatment order

Medication has been ordered.

Pharmacy/treatment encoded order

Medication has been ordered.

Pharmacy/treatment dispense

Medication has been dispensed.

Pharmacy/treatment administration

Medication has been administered.
VXU^V04Unsolicited update to vaccination recordImmunization has been administered.

Coding System for Units of Measurement

HL7 fields that specify units of measurement, such as the following examples, should be in the Unified Code for Units of Measure (UCUM) coding system unless otherwise specified:

  • RXA.7 Administered Units
  • RXD.5 Actual Dispense Units
  • RXE.5 Give Units
  • RXO.4 Requested Give Units

Unique Identifier for Medications Messages

Medication entries are identified using a combination of the following fields:

  • PID.3.1 Patient Identifier List ID Number
  • PID.3.4.2 Patient Identifier List Assigning Authority Universal ID
  • ORC.3.1 Filler Order Number Entity Identifier
  • ORC.3.2 Filler Order Number Namespace ID



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